Separating testing from teaching, inducting accurate assessment, managing effectively, practicing quality-oriented education 

Challenges of English Teaching:

  • English exams designed by teachers lack authority and accuracy, invalid for testing the ability to use English practically or for assessing teaching effectiveness. Students still have the mindset of learning for test-taking.
  • It is hard to set a grading standard for a variety of English-based classes. 

New Model Separating Testing from Teaching:

  • Aptis is introduced as placement test at the beginning of Grade 1 to assess the actual English ability of students. Graded teaching is employed based on Aptis CEFR results.
  • Aptis is used as mid-term examination to assess the teaching effectiveness and give washback effect on teaching. Tailored teaching plans are made based on mid-term scores.
  • Aptis is used as end-term exam for Grade 1 students. CEFR results are used to predict their IELTS scores, and tailored language classes (IELTS) are planned accordingly.


  • Most students make great progress in their English ability after a year, a number of whom score above 7 in their first try of taking IELTS.
  • All of our students are admitted to top 100 universities in the world, among whom 60% are admitted to top 50 schools.
  • Teachers' workload is greatly reduced, and Chinese and English teachers could cooperate more effectively.
  • The authoritative and credible test results raise the satisfaction of parents and students.