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We evaluate the impact of our UK China partnership work primarily by the increase in volume of international collaborative activity between British and Chinese higher education institutions. 

We look for impact through:

  • growth in UK China institutional partnerships, mobility, joint research, knowledge sharing and transnational education initiatives
  • activity which enables the two countries and their institutions to connect, innovate and grow through policy development, capacity building and training
  • increasing recognition of the UK China higher education partnerships model as a global touchstone

UK China partnerships and sector engagement

The growing number of higher education institutions that participate in our UK China programmes reflects the commitment of the sector to international collaboration. 175 institutions have actively engaged in partnership activity, comprising:

  • 83 Chinese institutions
  • 68 British institutions
  • 24 institutions from countries involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

UK China partnerships deliver success

In the last two years, we have generated:

  • over 40 new partnerships between UK and Chinese institutions
  • over £720,000 of new research funding and an active schedule of new joint research topics under continuous discussion and development with partners across science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and humanities subjects
  • seven joint PhD and post-doctoral projects
  • two UK China joint research laboratories and a joint doctoral training centre
  • a UK China Future Leadership and Innovation Academy
  • a summer school in intelligent manufacturing
  • over 17 joint papers and research publications
  • four transnational education (TNE) collaborative programmes and joint institutes
  • development of strategic policy and operating principles to guide joint UK China TNE growth
  • demonstrable growth in the UK China mobility of faculty staff, early career researchers (ECRs) and post-doctoral, PhD and undergraduate students achieved through training workshops, visit programmes, research collaboration and exchanges.

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Wider impact of UK China higher education relationships

There is significant value in the accumulative impact of academic cooperation for the relationship between Britain and China. 

Long term relationships between our educational institutions and those in China underpin that trust and energise our ability to progress globally.

Our unique higher education partnerships encourage long term relationships grounded on trust, creating generations who respect each other’s values and who share global responsibility. This makes it more likely for the UK, China and all our global partners to enjoy even deeper and wider connections in the future. 

Together we can do greater things.

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