Author: Robin Zhang, Founder of Venture Avenue
Source: “China-UK Social Enterprise and Social Investment Case Studies” publication
Edited by: British Council Society Team

Case Summary:

Launched in 2013, Hesheng Afforestation aims to rebuild and maintain a healthy and stable near-nature eco-system in a desertified area of 40,000 mu (about 26,666,667 m2) in Inner Mongolia within 30 years. Focusing on combating desertification in arid and semi-arid areas, Hesheng Afforestation is devoted to the protection and restoration of the ecosystem through eco-afforestation. By managing barren mountains, carbon sequestration afforestation and conducting consultations in related areas, the company has contributed much to the construction of the ecological shelter zone important to northern China.  

Inner Mongolia Hesheng Eco-Afforestation Company (Hesheng Eco-Afforestation) was founded in 2008. It has four pillar businesses: eco-nursery-gardens, restoration of the eco-system and afforestation, eco-breeding and biomass energy development. The company is devoted to becoming “a pioneer company in restoring the eco-system and an innovative company in building the eco-environment”. 

In order to further improve its capacity in afforestation and building ecosystems, the company set up Hesheng Afforestation Research Institute in 2013 in order to conduct research on the plant industry, achieve innovations in the application of core techniques in afforestation in arid and semi-arid areas, and develop new techniques so as to make contributions to areas such as plant-nurturing, green-city building and the restoration of ecosystems. 

After six years of fast development, the company has now grown to a large scale, its income in 2013 exceeding 200 million yuan. 

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