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About Shenzhen CSRDC

Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Centre (“CSRDC”) is a professional institution which was jointly established, under the instruction of the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, by famous national charitable organisations and enterprises, such as Heungkong Charitable Foundation, Tencent Foundation, Taoyuanju Community Development Foundation, China Merchants Charitable Foundation, Vanke Charitable Foundation, Credit Orienwise Group Ltd., China Create Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Charity Federation and etc.

It aims at specially developing the research and practice on sustainable corporate social responsibilities and values of corporate impact investment models by referring to international investment concepts and models.


CHAN Kam-tong

Project Director of CSRDC’s “Charity Spark Program”; Director of Third Sector Studies Center and Chairman on Social Policy and Administration of Hong Kong Polytechnic University; an academic consultant on Social Service Management for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He is specialized in third sector studies, overall quality management, and performance evaluation for non-government organisations. As a member of Hong Kong Community Chest Committee, he provides consultancy and research services to the third sector of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the non-government organisations funded by the directors of Hong Kong Board of Directors. He has provided consultancy services for more than 30 non-government organisations in Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.


Secretary General of Shenzhen Charity Federation; Deputy Director of the Social Legal System and National Religion Committee of the Municipal CPPCC; Deputy Director of Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Centre; Deputy Director General of Shenzhen New Social Stratum Association; An economist and a social work expert. She advocates for strategic philanthropy, links donor’s services with enterprises’ CSR planning, supported implementation, NPO connection, charitable project design and evaluation and etc. She emphasizes that the impact of philanthropy could be enlarged to promote social innovation through CSR contributing to the sustainable development of enterprises and effective charitable activities matching with social capital.

LIANG Yudong

Member of Director Board, and Director of CSRDC. He is devoted to the establishment and cultivation of Chinese model of corporate impact investment.

LIU Jian

Professor at the Basic Education Quality Promotion Collaborative Innovation Centre at Beijing Normal University, Chief Expert and Vice Chairman of the Jiu San Society Committee of Culture and Education

JI Chengzhong

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance “National Training Plan” Expert; Member of the National Training Panel of “High School Backbone Trainers”; Member of the “High School Distance Learning Project” by the Curriculum Centre of the Ministry of Education; Expert for the Experimental Training Materials Group of the People’s Education Press; Guangdong High School Teaching Standards Evaluation Expert; China Education Society Committee Member Specialising in History and Secretary-General of International Department at China Education Society; Deputy Chair of Guangdong Education Society History Committee; Shenzhen Government School Inspector; Dean of International Department of Shenzhen, Futian District


Investment Initiative

1)Project name: CSRDC’s Future Education Plan

2)Investment target
RMB 750,000 for one organisation in equity investment

3)Investment principles
CSRDC will provide grants or equity investment, based on the actual needs, for social enterprises meeting its criteria

4)Investment process

For equity investment:

The winner shall negotiate with the funder; agree on the conditions for funding (including timeframe, social value objectives, funding performance evaluation and etc.). The two parties shall then sign a funding agreement.

5)Exit option
There are three options of exit, namely public listing, shareholder’s buyback, and quasi equity.

Public listing: take the listing as the point for investor to exit. Listing refers to the public listing at growth enterprise market or main board in Mainland China or Hong Kong stock markets.

Shareholder’s buyback: Investor shall not withdraw shares in the first three years of the capital investment. After three years, investor may exit by selling shares; by that time, the remaining shareholders shall have preemptive right, and the stock price shall be based on the market price at that time.

Quasi equity exit
Note: Enterprises that don’t want to go listed and be merged may exit step by step through turnover sharing in a certain period (the earning limit depends on the investment agreement).

6) Focus area
a) Social enterprises that use modern information technology to push forward education reform and innovate models in the field of basic education, or education technology companies with educational charitable mission and objective
b) Universities and colleges, academic research NGOs or commercial consulting companies that carry out research on investing in value-added education foundations, or governance models for education foundations in the field of basic education

7) Selection criteria
a) Have the vision and objective of striving for excellence and scaling up social impact;
b) Have a stable and professional research and development team (more than 3 persons) with innovation capability in educational field;
c) Have launched applied projects or products in educational field, with potential for sustained profit generation;
d) Have a clear route and planning for organisational development in the next 3-5 years

8)In-depth communication and resources matching
CSDRC will provide the consulting services of 36 hours in total to each of its applicants selected from the Fair for Social Investment within two months. Communication forms include but not limited to face to face, telephone, web conference, emails.

9)Advantages and successful investment cases
CSRDC is establishing and developing the impact investment model for Chinese enterprises, and is fostering social entrepreneurs and new charity leaders with international vision and abilities of resource mobilization and integrated operation, aiming at pushing forward the sustainable development of corporate philanthropy, charitable foundations, and social innovation projects in China, and promoting the enlightenment and incubation of new philanthropy model of socially-responsible investment and venture philanthropy in China.

CSRDC has top-ranking global teaching resources from universities and foundations such as Columbia University, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Peking University HSBC Business School and etc. It also has high-quality alumni and rich charitable funding resources including senior managers of Chinese public-listed companies and heads of foundations/ CSR, who are capable of supporting the sustained growth of the investees.