This award recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the highest level of integrity and character in their professional career.

Gao Feng

Feng Gao

Dr Feng Gao is Co-founder and Managing Director of Open Data China, the first social enterprise in China addressing the issue of transparent and open data flow. Under his leadership, Open Data China continuously provides guidance to the government and data sources on how to develop projects using transparent data. 

Feng notes that his UK education opened his eyes to a new world and has taught him to not simply comply to what seems to be the norm. 


Ying JI

Ying Ji’s rich experience makes her influential in China’s Intellectual Property (IP) sector. Ying is currently responsible for GSK's brand protection in the Greater China region. 

The cultural diversity of the UK had a profound impact on Ying. While promoting the protection of IP rights, Ying makes use of the legal theories and expertise she learnt in the UK to analyse problems and provide guidance from an international perspective.

Liang Xu

Dr Liang Xu is now Deputy Chief Engineer of the Ping An Technology AI Centre, and Director of Ping An Decision Intelligence Assistant (PADIA), focusing on the development and application of AI technologies in facilitating decision-making. 

Liang not only gained professional knowledge in the UK but also befriended people from all over the world, and was greatly inspired by the diverse cultures he encountered. He hopes to provide more professional solutions through continuous innovation.