Grow your career in business in the UK

For any international student with dreams of making it big in business, the UK offers one of the most exciting, affordable and academically respected destinations in the world.

We have a long history of building international businesses and we’ve become one of the most sought after destinations for international students to learn what it takes to succeed. For centuries we’ve cultivated expertise in every imaginable sector, and there are over 100 dedicated business schools – four of them ranked among the top ten in the world. Up and down the country you’ll find a huge array of courses set up to give you the creative business insights and world-class administration skills you need to succeed. 

Access world-class business expertise for less

Whether you plan to work for a large organisation or start your own from the ground up, UK business degrees offer excellent value for money. International postgraduates can complete an MBA in just one year, meaning you’ll be out making an impression on employers and customers well ahead of the competition. 

You’ll get to learn from some of the smartest brains in business too, hearing from a range of leading industry voices, who will help you develop a global versatile approach to business challenges. You’ll be tackling real world problems in a flexible way, alongside fellow international students with a wide range of perspectives. No matter what sector you’re most interested in, you’ll leave with the deep understanding of the core business principles and emerging technological possibilities that you need to make your mark.

Wherever you want to grow your career, invest in yourself with a UK business degree.

What will you be learning?


Your studies will be grounded in a solid understanding of the financial aspects of business, covering the essentials of economics and accounting that all business-minded professionals depend on.

Strategy and information systems

You’ll gain a knowledge of the inner workings of different businesses, from the earliest challenges of writing a business plan to business decision modelling and the conditions required for regional businesses to grow into international organisations. 

Human-Resources management and law

A UK business degree will also give you a wide range of insights into the key aspects that underpin the smooth running of any business, from Human Resources to the legal contracts that hold everything together.

Marketing and digital

Many courses provide insights into the arts of branding and marketing, with specific focus on the digital technologies that are playing an ever-important role in business worldwide, particularly in e-commerce.

Analytical and critical thinking

Problem solving is an essential skill for anyone in business. In the UK you’ll learn how to apply flexible, logical thinking to all manner of problems, helping you build the self-motivation and time-management needed to lead employees and deliver results.

Business in the UK 

Our location, language and timezones have helped make the UK a global business hub where you can connect with business contacts from all over the world.

Perfectly positioned for a global view of business, UK graduates are at a real advantage, both as an entrepreneur and a job seeker. But business degrees aren’t limited to business. You could take your knowledge into the public sector, or charitable sector. Many UK business graduates go on to work for non-profit organisations and NGOs, and the principles you will learn will be flexible enough to support you in any organisation. 

You’ll get to see the world from a unique vantage point, and enjoy unique experiences, with first hand access to the wide range of businesses that operate in the UK. But perhaps most importantly of all you’ll be immersed in the English language, one of the most valuable business tools there is. By the time you graduate you’ll have developed your communication skills and confidence immeasurably, ensuring you’re ready to make an impression in business environments anywhere in the world.

If you want to go places in business, there’s no better investment in your future.