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Science and technology have the power to change lives, and the right degree has the power to change yours. So if you’re dreaming of working in science or technology, the UK is the ideal destination to sow the seeds for your future discoveries.

The UK is a world leader in science and technology, nowhere more so than our universities. From the leading minds who teach here, to the state of the art laboratories and our astonishing legacy of discoveries, few other places in the world offer the range of possibilities for your future as the UK.

Our universities have been cultivating the world’s brightest talent for centuries, and we currently boast three of the world’s top ten universities for Technology and Science. Since 1901, 91 Nobel Prize-winners have been British and an extraordinary 38% of the others who chose to study abroad, chose to do it right here in the UK. 

So if you want a degree that gives you global recognition and the chance to explore things no one has before, take a closer look at the UK.

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What will you be learning?

From our innovative laboratories to our world-class teaching, science and technology degrees in the UK are second to none. But the opportunities that come with them are so wide-reaching they encompass some of the most exciting and varied career paths imaginable.


A degree in chemistry can open up a wide range of career opportunities in some of the most exciting areas of science. The skills you acquire could allow you to conduct research as a biochemist, or help to heal millions with pharmacology. You could grow our understanding of the planet with a career in environmental science, or fight crime as a forensic scientist.

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If you’ve got an interest in biology, you could develop the skills to take you into the world of medicine, with biomedical science or genetic research, or even nutrition. If your passion lies with animals and the natural world, you could explore a career in everything from zoology to marine biology or botany.

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With so many applications in industry and engineering, a degree in physics can be a powerful option. Many physics graduates pursue careers in power generation, such as nuclear or solar technologies. You could help push theoretical thinking in mathematical or theoretical physics, or expand our understanding of the earth and universe with geophysics or astrophysics.

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Opportunities in technology around the world are growing on an almost daily basis, from jobs in engineering and IT, to aeronautics and robotics. There’s so much on offer in the UK, what you learn – and how you use it – is entirely up to you.

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Science & Technology in the UK

The UK has been at the forefront of science since the earliest notion of it first emerged during the enlightenment. Prominent British figures such as Francis Bacon helped to define the idea of empirical study, and forge its importance in human progress. Since then it has helped to shape every imaginable aspect of UK life, and our country has been home to some of the greatest discoveries ever made.

From Isaac Newton’s revelation about gravity to Charles Darwin’s publications on evolution, to the world’s first vaccine. From steam engines and telephones, to radio, television, IVF computing and the world wide web. 

Our passion for discovery and the incredible things those discoveries can achieve is unmatched. So if you have a limitless passion for science and technology, and want to take your career as far as you can, discover exactly what a degree in the UK could do for you.

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