During the Yokohama New Directions pre-conference workshop on eye-tracking in December 2019, the idea of an Eye-Tracking Special Interest Group (termed “ETSIG” from this point on) was brought up as an idea with great merit to share and align research practices for the purposes of validation and replication studies. The British Council is well placed to support this through the East Asia Assessment Team (EAAST), mainly because EAAST has ongoing research interests which involve the technology.


The group would provide participants the means to: 

  • Share eye-tracking research and data analysis methodology in order to create consistent and efficient standards of practice  
  • Create regular and accessible lines of communication for the sharing of ideas and techniques 
  • Promote best practice by regularly publishing periodicals for the research community 
  • Seek partners in the industry that could facilitate research and data analysis for practitioners and researchers and Identify areas of research and new technology that could benefit from the use of this equipment 
  • Seek opportunities to meet and collaborate on ETSIG work at conferences and related academic gatherings when possible 


The aim of ETSIG is to establish a network of researchers and scholars who are interested in the application of eye-tracking technology for assessment and language acquisition research.  The scope of research has been kept deliberately broad in order to focus on the methods and validation of various approaches used when employing this technology.    

Founding Members and Affiliate Members

Professor Guoxing Yu

Guoxing Yu is Professor of Language Assessment and Director of Research Centre for Educational Assessment and Evaluation.

Professor Tineke Brunfaut

Tineke Brunfaut is Professor of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University (UK), where she specializes in the areas of language testing, and reading and listening in a second or foreign language.

Ana Pellicer-Sánchez - Associate Professor

Ana Pellicer-Sánchez is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the UCL Institute of Education, UK.

Talia Isaacs- Associate Professor

Talia Isaacs is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL and programme leader for the MA TESOL In-Service at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London.

Vahid Aryadoust, PhD

Vahid Aryadoust, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the English Language and Literature Academic Group.

Mikako Nishikawa, PhD

Dr. Mikako Nishikawa is a Jr. Associate Professor, The Engineering Education Research Center, Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University. 

Franz Holzknecht, PhD

Franz Holzknecht works as a post-doctoral researcher for the Language Testing Research Group at the University of Innsbruck. 

Johnathan Cruise – Assessment Solutions Manager

Johnathan Cruise graduated with a BA in Linguistics and Literature in 1991 and obtained a PGCE in General Primary Education in 1993, before then moving to China to train English teachers. 

Radosveta Valkova – Assessment Solutions Consultant

Radosveta Valkova has lived in Guangzhou for 2 years and works for the East Asia Assessment Solutions Team. 

Sheryl Cooke – Director, East Asia Assessment Solutions Team

Sheryl Cooke leads a regional team that provides language assessment solutions for partners throughout East Asia including needs analysis, language assessment literacy training, test development, post-test services and teacher support.