Mary-Jess, performing ‘Glorious’ from her debut album Shine, to a Smart Talk audience at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. ©

British Council

Monday 23 May 2016 to Thursday 26 May 2016

With a talk titled ‘More than One String to Your Bow’, Mary-Jess visited Suzhou, Lanzhou and Hangzhou to give interactive presentations and showcase her music performances.

Mary-Jess shared how her UK degree in Music and Chinese Studies at the University of Sheffield, which included a year abroad in Nanjing, helped her to win the popular Chinese singing contest 民星唱翻天(which has over 70 million viewers) and become an international success story. Her exciting talks allowed students to get an insight into the life and career of a star in the international music industry, to learn about music education in the UK, and enjoy live music performances by Mary-Jess herself.

Mary-Jess is also one of the 21 Leading Lights for the Generation UK: China Network.