Aptis tests have been conducted in 85 countries around the world and are used by various organisations and institutions. If you are in charge of an educational organisation, Aptis can provide a solution for English teaching and evaluation. If you are the head of recruitment or a training coordinator, Aptis also can help you make informed decisions about recruitment, competency testing and employee development.

Aptis for Educational Organisations

As education becomes more deeply globalised, and international exchange and cooperation increasingly frequent, English proficiency is nowthe basic criteria for international talents. With the aim to strengthen their competition in future study and work, Universities and other educational institutions have started to explore how to improve their teachers’ and students’ comprehensive language application ability, especially oral English communication skills. At the same time, new difficulties and challenges in the practice of English assessment have emerged:

Aptis for Corporations

In today’s dynamic business environment, a workforce with the ability to communicate effectively in English can translate into higher profitability and a better corporate brand image. Therefore, it is important to review, recruit, and train professionals based on their English language skills.

Aptis is an innovative English language test that enables organisations to assess the English language proficiency of their staff and make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development. 

Aptis for Government and NGOs

English is becoming increasingly popular across the world, connecting people from different nations, regions and cultures. The growing demand for English as a medium of communication and instruction makes it essential for government organisations to evaluate the English language proficiency of all their employees.

The British Council is strongly committed to the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in testing, so extra time can be allocated for candidates in specially prepared computer-based versions, when this is required. A braille version of the core and reading test is available.