From year 2023, British Council cooperates with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), delivering following exams to candidates: CAT, ELAT, GAT, HAT, MAT, MLAT, PAT, Philosophy test.

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Exam Dates and Registration

  • Relevant Dates

Registration opens: 16:00 1 September 2023 (China Local Time)

Registration closes: 16:00 28 September 2023 (China Local Time)

Exam Dates: 19 October 2023 CAT, ELAT, GAT, MAT

                      20 October 2023 HAT, MLAT, PAT, Philosophy Test

Test Format: Paper-based Test

  • Exam Registration

Please kindly visit British Council registration website using Google Chrome or Fire Fox browser on computer. For more details, please kindly refer to below guidance. (Click to download)

  • Portal Registration and Payment Guidance

  • Application Guidance

Contact us if you encounter any problems while registering for exams.

Test Centre Information

British Council will run tests in 15 cities across China, venue information will be released 2 weeks before test day via email.

Office City
Beijing Beijing, Wuhan, Jinan, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xi’an, Dalian
Shanghai Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou
Guangzhou Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha
Chongqing Chongqing

Fees and Terms of Payment

Exam fee

Subject Exam Fee per Paper (CNY)
All Subjects ¥1,215.40

*The test fee above is VAT included, which includes board fee, venue hire, invigilation charges, secure storage of question papers and courier charges. Exam service fee will be doubled if tests are arranged on public holidays in mainland China.

Terms of payment

All the fees above must be paid by candidates through the British Council Exams Online System. All fees must be paid no later than the test entry deadline published by the British Council.

Exam cancellation

50% of the local test service fee can be refunded if cancellation is requested at least five working days prior to the examination with sufficient evidence or explanation. Evidence should be issued by an authorised body.  The refund will be processed within 30 days and returned to your original payment channel. No refund is provided if a cancellation request is received within five working days of the examination or if the candidate is absent from the examination. The refund of board fee is subject to exam board’s policy.

Sufficient evidence or explanation must be given at least five working days before the test date if cancellation is required. This evidence can be either in Chinese or English. Evidence can be a medical report or accident report (or similar), which should be issued by an authorised body. The report should include both the signature of the doctor or professional and stamp of the institution, and indicate that the situation stops the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date.

Test Day Information

1.Candidates must bring the same and valid original identity document on the test day as the one recorded in your applications well as this Exam confirmation letter.  

Following identity documents are acceptable for exams registration and sitting: 

-Valid 2nd generation national Identification or Passport for Chinese nationals from mainland China 

-Valid Identification, Passport or Hong Kong / Macau Residents' Residence Permit for Chinese nationals from Hong Kong and Macau  

- Valid Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents of China or Taiwan Residents' Residence Permit for Chinese nationals from Taiwan 

-Valid Passport for foreign nationals 

Candidates may not be allowed to take the examination if they fail to present acceptable identity documents. 

2.Candidates are required to arrive at the test venue at least 30 minutes in advance. 

3.Candidates are required to bring their own writing stationery and materials permitted by the testing institution. Candidates can bring a bottle of transparent bottled water with labels removed into the examination room.

4.Candidates are not allowed to bring any electronic devices such as mobile phones and any watches into the exam room. 

5.Candidates are not allowed to bring any test related materials such as test papers, answer sheets, draft papers, etc. out of the examination room. 

6. Minor candidates (Under 18), please contact the invigilators on site when arrive at the test venue. If minor candidates choose to be picked up by parents/guardians after the examination, parents/guardians should bring their valid ID document to pick up the candidates in the designated area of the venue. 

7. Before the exam, if there are any notifications or updates about the exam, we will contact you through the email or phone number you used during the registration. Please pay attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is UCAS ID?

When you register with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) Apply, you will get a 10-digit Personal ID Number like this: 123-456-7890. It is very important to ensure that your UCAS ID and personal details submitted to us are accurate and match what you put in your UCAS application, so that your results can be sent to the correct university.

Q2: How long is the result valid for?

The result is only valid for the year the test is taken and cannot be carried over to a re-application.

Q3: How to deal with the time clash between different exams?

With the same exam series, there may be different scenarios of exam timetable clash:

1) For timetable clash between multiple subjects of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing registered at our centre, we will make re-arrangement accordingly. Candidates should refer to the Confirmation Letter for the final timetable. If there is any timetable clash between two exams, one of them will be rescheduled for a different time on the same date. Candidates should be under full centre supervision during the break between two exams.  During the break, candidates will not be permitted to use mobile phones nor any other electronic devices or communicate with the other candidates.

2) For Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing registered at our centre and other exams (e.g. Cambridge International exams). As the Admissions Testing Exams in British Council centres implement unified start time, we could not provide timetable variation for any subjects. Therefore, please confirm with exam centres for your other tests whether timetable variation could be approved. If the test clashes with admissions test is also registered at British Council centres, we will try to apply timetable variation to the relevant exam board, which a confirmed result would be issued after its registration deadline. However, please bear in mind that there is chance the request could be rejected. You may want to make careful decision whether to continue signing up for admissions test if you have other test clashes with it.

Q4: How can I get my results?

In Oxford Admission Testing, all the test results are sent to your applied universities by UCAS. Thus, for candidates who entered UCAS ID when apply through our system, you may request your results from your applied university.