The Selector on air in China

The Selector is a weekly radio programme playing the best new British music for a global audience. 

The Selector is our award-winning radio show that covers all styles of music from indie, dubstep, folk, soul, electro and everything in between. The show features interviews, mixes and exclusive live sessions from some of the most exciting British artists and is broadcast in over 40 countries. Each week DJ and presenter Goldierocks brings us the brilliance and diversity of British music, promoting the sounds, talents and musical culture of modern Britain to an international audience.

Listen to the original radio programme online:

Listen to The Selector now on air in many cities in china as well as via online radio stations.

Hubei Chutian Music Radio FM105.8 (Covering Hubei Province)

16.00-18.00, every Saturday or Sunday
 Around the World
Hosted by DJ Huabei

Nanjing Music Radio FM105.8 (Covering Nanjing, Yangzhou, Kunshan and AnHui Province)

14.00-15.00, every Sunday
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Ma Li (Mary)

Ningbo Car Music Radio FM104.7

12.00-13.30, every Tuesday to Friday; 19.00-21.00, every Sat
Music Has Gravity
Hosted by DJ Fiona

Chongqing Music Radio FM 88.1 

13.00-14.00, every weekend
Crossroads Weekend Chart Show 
Hosted by DJ Huang Rui (Ray), Li Yue (William)

Foshan Radio station music channel FM98.5

22.00-23.00, every Thursday and Friday
Another Corner
Hosted by DJ Chen Lingwei (Vincent)

Shaanxi Music Radio FM98.8 (Covering Shaanxi Province)

16.00-18.00, every Saturday
Global Music Flight 
Hosted by DJ Wang Bo (Bobo)

Hunan modern music Radio FM97.5

17.00-18.00, every Saturday; 12.00-13.00, every Sunday
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Pan Ming

YES!FM (chengdu FM96.3)

10.00-12.00, every Saturday, re-broadcast 15.00-17.00, every Sunday; 00.00-01.00, every Saturday and Sunday
YES! The Selector
Hosted by DJ Goldierocks

Sichuan International Studies University Campus Radio 

18.30-19.00, every Sunday
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Chang Mengtian 

Tangsuan online Radio Station 

Updated every Monday, music on demand available anytime, click here to listen
Tangsuan Loves Music: Selector
Hosted by DJ Demone

penguin FM

Two episodes weekly, 30 mins per episode
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Chen Lingwei (Vincent)

 iPlay iradio net

16.00-18.00, every Sunday
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Zhou Feng

tingbei fm

Every Friday
The Selector
Hosted by DJ Zhou Feng

Zhejiang Radio Station Dongting 968 

Three to five mins on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.00
Automobile CD
Hosted by DJ Yi Lang