Generation UK
Generation UK

Are you a higher education institution in the UK looking to offer study and internship opportunities in China to your students? 

Programme Objectives

This programme:

  • creates opportunities for UK students to gain international experience and engage with China through study and internships
  • supports UK institutions to create opportunities for their students to go abroad, and form links with institutions and companies in China
  • fosters a new generation of globally mobile, culturally agile young people in the UK who can succeed and compete in an international business environment
  • builds trust, understanding and mutually rewarding relationships between organisations and individuals in the UK and China.

Partner with us

Our practical experience, in-country networks and strong cultural understanding can help your institution establish outward mobility programmes for your students in China. Generation UK can benefit your institution by: 

  • promoting the benefits of experience abroad
  • increasing the number of students from your institution undertaking international placements
  • supporting new and existing partnerships and placements with China
  • Providing advice designing bespoke programmes for your students to gain experience in China.

Partnerships with Chinese higher education institutions

We have worked with a number of Chinese universities to offer a range of opportunities for UK students to study in China, such as:

  • summer schools
  • short-term study programmes (one semester or a year)
  • degree programmes

We have delivered scholarship programmes with the following government departments and institutions:

  • China Scholarship Council
  • China Education Association for International Exchange
  • Chongqing Municipal Education Commission
  • Fujian Provincial Education Department
  • Hubei Provincial Education Department
  • Shandong Provincial Education Department
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Tianjin Municipal Education Commission
  • Zhejiang Provincial Education Department

Find out more

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how the Generation UK team can support your outward mobility programmes in China, please contact us at