Pearson Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and work places in the UK and abroad. For more information please visit the Edexcel official website.

Private candidates may enter for GCE AS and A levels, International GCSEs (Edexcel Certificate for UK state schools) and International Advanced Level (IAL) examinations through British Council China.

Schools that deliver Pearson Edexcel qualifications may choose to join the British Council's Partner Schools, where British Council will provide essential exam administration services for A Level or International GCSE exams, along with enhanced support for school leaders, teachers, parents and students. For more information please refere to the Partner Schools webpage.

To improve the customer experience, the British Council Global Examinations Service will upgrade the customer enquiry service.  From now on, for enquires regarding Pearson Edexcel exam, please contact:

National service hotline: +86 (0) 10-58103306


Service hours: 9:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday (except national public holidays)

Exam Registration


The registration for Pearson Edexcel GCE, International A/AS level and International GCSE May/June 2023 session opens now. 

  • Standard registration deadline:  14 March 2023, 17:00 (China Local Time)
  • 1st Late entry deadline: 13 April 2023, 17:00 (China Local Time)
  • 2nd Late entry deadline: 17 April 2023, 17:00 (China Local Time)

* In the event of any inconsistency between the above registration timeline and the timeline presented on our online registration system, the one published on this website shall prevail. We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused and will correct the error as soon as possible.

* If the application status is not “Payment Successful” by the indicated deadline for different stages, the late entry penalty for the next stage will be charged.



Please refer to the Pearson Edexcel Exam Registration Guidance and submit an application on our online registration system.

The Registration Guidance document is comprised of three parts:

  • Registration Notice and FAQs: aiming to answer questions that you may have during the registration process.
  • SRS Registration Guidance: demonstrating the step-by-step procedures of using our registration portal to complete the exam registrations.
  • Information Sheets: including information like registration timeline, option codes of most available subjects, exam timetable, and exam fee list of different entry stages.

Please go through this document and make sure that you understand and accept the content of this document before you submit registrations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Once the payment of your exam application is completed, you are not allowed to modify your registrations.  You are responsible for any mistakes of the registrations due to your own reasons.



According to the refund policy, applicant who submits a refund request that meets the refund conditions and provides valid evidences with the official seal before the deadline is entitled to receive the refund that is in accordance with the refund standard once the refund request is approved.

Deadline for Refund Application: 

Before the deadline of late entry stage (deadline of late entry stage can be found on Information Sheets)

Acceptable Refund Conditions:

Condition 1:Temporary physical or mental illness(permanent or long-term illness is not acceptable)

Condition 2:Time clash with school exams or other official exams

Evidences Required :

Condition 1: Evidence can be a medical report or accident report (or similar), which should be issued by an authorised body. The report should include both the signature of the doctor or professional and stamp of the institution as well as indicate how the situation prohibits the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date.

Condition 2:  The evidence can be the statement with the official seal of the school or the confirmation letter of the official exams.

Refund Standard:   

Once the refund application is approved, the applicant can receive 150 CNY for each unit.

For International GCSE exams, candidates can only apply for cancellation by option (e.g., 4CN1), not by unit (e.g., 4CN1/01)

Refund applications out of other conditions are not acceptable. You can contact us to get more details.


4. Statement of Entry and Exam Venue Arrangement

  • The Statement of Entry which is the Exam Confirmation Letter will be sent to you via email within one week after the deadline of each registration stage. 
  • The exam venue arrangement and entry requirement will be sent to you via email two weeks prior to the start of exam series.

Test Day Procedures

1. You must bring the valid original identity document, Statement of Entry, stationery and materials permitted by the exam board.

2. You must follow the COVID-19 precautions and meet the venue entry requirements. If you are not able to enter the exam venue due to COVID-19 related reasons, please contact the us before 17:00 on the exam day.

3. You may store your personal belongings in the waiting room once you arrive at the venue. Please go to the toilet before check-in.

4. Check-in will begin 45 mins prior to the starting of the exam.

5. After entering the test room, please find your correct seat . Please follow the invigilators’ instructions. Do not write, open the question booklets unless you are instructed to do so. Just raise your hand if you need to use the restroom or you have other questions. Talking, cheating and writing before or past time are also malpractices, and will be reported to the exam board.

6. You are not allowed to go to the toilet during the time of announcement, distributing and collecting exam papers.

7. Please pay attention to the clock in front of the test room or raise your hand to ask for time check from the invigilators.

8. There is no extra time for you to transfer the answers from question paper to answer book.

9. Do not tear out and take away any exam materials.

10. Do not write anything on the formula book if you get one from the invigilator.

11. For the time cashed exam in the same exam board, you will be asked to take the exams consecutively. The order of exams will be told after you arrive on the venue.

Personal Belongings

1. Valid National ID

Following identity documents are acceptable for exams registration and sitting:

  • Valid 2nd generation national Identification or Passport for Chinese nationals from mainland China.
  • Valid Identification, Passport or Hong Kong / Macau Residents' Residence Permit for Chinese nationals from Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Valid Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents of China or Taiwan Residents' Residence Permit for Chinese nationals from Taiwan.
  • Valid Passport for foreign nationals.

Candidates may not be allowed to take the examination if they fail to present acceptable identity documents.

2. Statement of Entry

You can have your registered information on this document which includes exams, personal information, candidate number and centre number. Any writings on the Statement of Entry are not allowed.

3. Permitted Personal Items 

Pencil, Pen, Eraser (without cover), ruler, compasses, calculator (without case/cover), water, medicine, ear plugs.

4. Prohibited Personal Items 

Food, notes, books, mobile phones, fitness trackers, watches of any kind and any other electronic devices.

5. Calculators

Unless the syllabus or the front of the question paper say candidates cannot use calculators, candidates can use a calculator if they want to. Candidates must not borrow calculators from other candidates during the exam for any reason.

The exam board does not specify or recommend the maker, the brand or the model of the calculators. However, calculators with any of the following facilities are not allowed: language translators, symbolic algebra manipulation, symbolic differentiation or integration, remote communication, data banks, dictionaries, and retrieval or manipulation of text or formulae.

Permitted Models: Casio fx-991EX Classwiz, Casio fx-CG50, TI-84 Plus, TI-Nspire CX (NOT the CAS model), and other scientific calculators that do not have the prohibited functions listed above.

6. Rough Paper

NO rough paper is allowed during the exam. Please do your rough work on the exam papers.


The British Council for Cultural Education does not assume any obligation to keep any personal belongings of candidates, so it is strongly recommended that candidates do not bring valuables to take the test. The British Council for Cultural Education will do its utmost to serve candidates. However, we are not liable for any interference caused by force majeure. If the test or test results are interrupted, cancelled or delayed due to force majeure, we will do our utmost to resume normal service as soon as possible. The British Council for Cultural Education is responsible for such situations only by returning the exam registration fee or rescheduling the exam.

Results and Certificates


The results and certificate release timeline,

Exam Series Candidate Statement of Provisional Results will be released Certificate will be released
January Result release day Mid of May
May/June Result release day Mid of November
October/November Result release day Mid of April

Results of Oct 2022 exam series,

  • International GCSE result will be released on 12 January 2023 (after 17:00 China local time)

Results of Jan 2023 exam series,

  • International AS/A-level and International GCSE result will be released on 2 March 2023 (after 17:00 China local time)

The Candidate Statement of Provisional Results (CSPR) will be provided in e-copy only, while the certificate will be issued in hardcopy only. The e-copy CSPR will be sent to candidates via email on the result release day. Candidates will be notified by email when their certificates are ready for collection.  




Candidates who register for the Pearson Edexcel exams at our centre may submit a request for a Candidate Statement of Provisional Results attesting service at our centre. Candidates will be charged RMB 309 (VAT included) per request for this service. Application guidance can be found in the Downloads Section below.


From the late entry stage, candidates can make a late request for the award (Late cash-in) for the current exam series. Application guidance can be found in the Downloads Section below.

- For current exam series:  Candidates will be charged RMB 164.8 (VAT included) per subject for late cash-in request within 4 weeks of result release. Candidates will be charged RMB 422.3 (VAT included) per subject for late cash-in request after 4 weeks of result release. 

- For previous exam series: Candidates will be charged RMB 422.3 (VAT included) per subject for late cash-in request. 


If you have enquiries about results and wish to appeal, please refer to the application guidance in the Downloads Section below.The deadline is 28 March 2023, 17:00 (China Local Time). 

Pearson Edexcel Enquiry about Results - 2023 JAN Series
Service Type Description Service Fee (CNY) *
Service 1 Clerical re-check: includes making sure all parts of the exam paper have been marked, marks have been recorded/added up correctly, special consideration has been applied (where appropriate), and the grade boundaries have been applied accurately.  476.94 476.94
Service 2 Review of marking: includes the clerical check service and a review of marking of units/components by a senior examiner. 775.38 841.92
ATSPE Access to scripts-post review of marking: a copy of review of marking script. 488.68 488.68
ATSC Access to scripts- photocopy script: a copy of script with original mark. Free Free

 * The service fee includes 3% VAT and charges per exam unit.