"The opportunity to showcase our cars at Tony Cragg’s Sculptures and Drawings exhibition in Shanghai, and to be associated with a great British festival and a great British artist, has really helped us achieve greater brand awareness in China. The complexity, elegance and purity of lines in Tony Cragg's sculptures are a great fit for the design approach we take at Jaguar Land Rover... Sponsoring the exhibition has given us the opportunity to invite our dealers and wider network of customers to share in the event, through guided tours and a media party."
-- Matthew Simpkins, 
Former Senior CRM Manager

Jaguar Land Rover is one of our major business partners and a founder sponsor for the UK Now arts festival in China. 

To help them achieve success in their Founder Sponsorship of UK Now, we worked with Jaguar Land Rover to design and deliver sponsorship benefits such as: 

  • branding opportunities to display Jaguar Land Rover vehicles at the Himalaya Art Museum 
  • customised opportunities for corporate and VIP hospitality to host a Jaguar Land Rover night and private viewing, led by curator Marianne Holtermann
  • value-added services including Jaguar Land Rover market research in the form of scorecard questionnaires for visitors. 

We also took advantage of digital opportunities to reach a larger audience and offered new sponsorship benefits. Highlights of virtual collaboration included: 

  • special UK Now events that enriched the content of Jaguar's e-newsletter, encouraging the target audience to participate in events
  • Weibo (a Twitter-like micro blog) interactivity where "Mr. J" (Jaguar’s virtual mascot) experienced UK Now events during the National Day holiday
  • "Mr. J" illustrations of Tony Cragg's works
  • joint promotion via the UK Now mobile app




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