Lianzhou Museum of Photography

O-office Architects/Jianxiang He and Ying Jiang

What marks this project as unique and inspiring is its physical and spiritual integration into the fabric and community of Lianzhou, together with its visceral beauty. The new museum was built on the site of the local sugar mill, with the purpose of revitalising the traditional downtown of Lianzhou, a remote city of northern Guangdong in South China. Find out more about Lianzhou Museum of Photography or watch the video.

Southbank Centre

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

The conservation and restoration of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room, and Hayward Gallery gives these democratic buildings a new lease of life for the 21st century. The refurbished buildings celebrate the uniqueness of the Southbank Centre, and truly enhance the visitor and performance experience. Find out more about Southbank Centre or watch the video.

The Brunner, Mond & Co. Building

Arcplus Group PLC Historical Building Preservation Design Institute 

The Brunner, built in 1921, is a modern public building in neoclassical style with horizontal three-section characteristics located at the core of the Bund’s historical and cultural area. In 2019, Bailian Asset Holding carried out protection repairs and functional updates with interior renovation into a composite space integrating art, culture, and office. Find out more about The Brunner Mond & Co. Building or watch the video.

Canongate Block 2

John Gilbert Architects

The Canongate project is a pilot project for the delivery of sensitive retrofit works within the Edinburgh World Heritage Site. The completed project ensures that the building and site will continue to be used as intended, enriching the lives for its occupants, protecting the significance of a conservation asset, and continuing to contribute to the World Heritage Site. Find out more about Canongate Block 2 or watch the video.

Wilding Lounge Café

SYN Architects 

Wilding Lounge Café converts a 1950s state-compound theatre building into a different kind of public events space that breathes new life into the old building, and helps protect the memories of communities that used to use it on a daily basis. Materials and old design features were reused and protected as much as possible. Find out more about Wilding Lounge Café or watch the video.

Williams House, Nanjing University

Tian Leng, Xiaoxin Zhao, Shuyong Chao and Yu Wang

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, several missionary universities and colleges made outstanding contributions to higher education in China, including the University of Nanking (UNK), or what is now Nanjing University. Williams House will soon be an active place with cultural and spiritual values that enhance the staff and student identity. Find out more about the renovation of Williams House or watch the video.