Applications open in September 2021



A Mentee will have:


  • Completed a Generation UK programme (scholarship or internship)
  • A minimum of one year of work experience in any industry or sector


  • Knowledge of what a Mentorship Programme is and what is required of them
  • A goal-orientated mindset
  • Basic communication, listening and time management skills
  • Consideration for their career goals
  • An openness to feedback and a willingness to learn
  • Drive to succeed
  • A positive attitude

Programme information

The programme will take place online and last for six months. 

During this time, mentees and mentors will meet virtually at least once a month for a minimum of one hour. Mentees also need to plan additional time for setting agendas and scheduling meetings. 

In addition, mentees will attend a compulsory induction workshop, as well as participating in development workshops during the course of the programme.

While the programme is facilitated by the Generation UK team, mentees are responsible for:

  • setting career/learning goals and working with your mentor to refine them
  • organising regular meetings with your mentors
  • being honest and transparent with what you want to achieve
  • being open to feedback and demonstrate a willingness to learn

Why apply?

  • Receive valuable career advice and insights
  • Expand your professional network
  • Grow your confidence as a young professional
  • Learn from the experience of successful professionals

How to apply

Places are offered through a competitive selection process. 

All applications will be assessed by the Generation UK team on the basis of the applicant’s experience, career goals and motivations to join the programme.


Below are some testimonials from some of the mentees who took part in the 2020/21 Generation UK Mentorship Programme:

“The programme put real thought into the mentor/mentee relationships and was able to pair me with a mentor who’s industry closely matched my own career ambitions. My mentor’s valuable sector insights allowed me to reflect on my own career goals and identify new areas of learning to pursue. Through having the opportunity to engage with and learn from my mentor’s tried and tested experience, I was able to approach the rigorous application process of my preferred graduate scheme with confidence, and was offered a place soon after my final assessment centre!” 

“Thanks to my mentor's valuable insights and guidance, I leave the programme with a clearer career direction and strategy for getting there, as well as a greater appreciation for the value and broad applicability of my China expertise”