Ms Barbara Woodward, CMG OBE, British Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and official Champion of the Generation UK: China Network.


Barbara Woodward CMG OBE, British Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, is the official Champion of the Generation UK: China Network. 

As Champion of the network, the British Ambassador plays an invaluable role in raising awareness of the initiative and advocating its importance in building trust and understanding between the UK and China. 

Ms Barbara Woodward first came to China in 1986 as an English teacher in Wuhan. After mastering the Chinese language, she joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and worked on economic and security aspects of foreign policy across the world. She has held numerous diplomatic posts, including Deputy Ambassador to Russia, Deputy Ambassador to China and then Ambassador to China in February 2015. In 1999 Barbara was awarded an OBE for her part in securing the release of two British hostages from Chechnya. She was made a CMG in 2011. Ms Woodward says:

“Connecting British students with China experts will enable the exchange of knowledge, and will encourage further UK engagement with China. The network will help strengthen the golden era, allowing individuals to understand and benefit from it, and ensure the UK-China relationship continues to blossom.” 

Leading Lights

We have selected a number of UK nationals to join the Generation UK: China Network as Leading Lights. Leading Lights are individuals at the forefront of their respective fields and who have benefited from experience in China. These successful individuals come from a range of sectors including diplomacy, business and media.

The Leading Lights are active participants in the LinkedIn group and will attend our events as guests, keynote speakers or panellists. Interacting with the Leading Lights as well as with our invited Chinese business men and women will open up new channels for collaboration, exchange and business with China. 

Meet all of the Leading Lights

Frances Wood: previous Curator of Chinese Collections, British Library

Frances Wood

Former Curator of Chinese Collections, British Library

Frances came to Peking University in 1975 as part of her Mandarin studies. She joined the British Library in 1977 as a junior curator, and later served as Curator of Chinese Collections. She also coordinated the International Dunhuang Project, a British Library initiative aimed at conserving artefacts from Dunhuang and other important archaeological sites on the Silk Road. She has an impressive bibliography with over 10 books to her name, including ‘Hand-Grenade Practice in Peking’.

Miles Young

Worldwide Chairman and CEO, Ogilvy & Mather

Miles moved to Hong Kong in 1995 as the Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific and to join the worldwide board. He became the CEO of O&M in 2009 and Chairman in 2012 and led the company to significant growth. Miles co-founded the Ogilvy-Tsinghua Program for Public Branding and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Tsinghua School of Journalism. He is also an Economic Consultant to the Jiangsu Provincial Government and a visiting Professor at Xiamen University.