The Generation UK: China Network has eight official partners, since September 2016.

By teaming up with other UK-China-focused organisations who share our objectives of building mutual understanding and trust between our nations, we jointly encourage more UK nationals to engage with China, facilitate knowledge, business and cultural exchange, and create opportunities for employability and professional development.

Each of our partners has a very specific area of focus. With different channels, activities and locations, we complement each other’s work and take a joined-up approach to our common goal of a positive future UK-China relationship. 

Our partners

The Association for Speakers of Chinese as a Second Language

The Association for Speakers of Chinese as a Second Language provides graduates and those with a certified proficiency in Chinese (equivalent to HSK level 5 or above) opportunities for networking, further professional development, and regular updates on career opportunities. Established in 2008, they have a membership of nearly 800 professionals based all over the world. Membership is free and by application via their website.

The Asia Scotland Institute

The Asia Scotland Institute believes in the need to develop skills and knowledge needed by current and future leaders to understand and engage more effectively across Asia. Their activities and events feature some of the world’s leading experts, global business leaders, and ambassadors. Acting as a catalyst and convener, they draw together those with an interest in Asia and those with experience to share, providing invaluable insight into the politics, economics and cultures across the region.

The British Association for Chinese Studies

The British Association for Chinese Studies is a non-political organisation that aims to promote Chinese studies in the UK. It organises conferences, provides resources, and works with schools, employers, funding councils, government departments and other bodies. Founded in 1976, it has been at the forefront of developments as Chinese studies has become a mainstream subject taught across an ever-growing number of schools and universities. It celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

The Chopsticks Club

The Chopsticks Club is the largest independent China-UK professionals' membership network. 50% of the network are Chinese nationals living in both in the UK and China. The Club’s services and activities will help build and continue your interest in China by offering the following: jobs to use your Mandarin; Mandarin language lessons at all levels; cultural training; business support services; and regular informative, China-related, networking events. 

The Scotland China Education Network

The purpose of the Scotland China Education Network is the advancement of education through the promotion of the teaching and learning of Chinese and about China in Scotland. SCEN works with a wide range partners who are keen to provide these opportunities at all levels and for all ages.

The Scotland China Association

The Scotland China Association is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian voluntary organisation.  For 50 years, they have been involved in many initiatives – educational, cultural and commercial – that are now part of the deepening relationship between Scotland and China.  Anyone interested in Chinese life and civilisation is welcome to join. Monthly meetings in Glasgow and Edinburgh provide a forum to explore China's past and assess its future in the light of present developments. 

The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding

The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding was founded 50 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Britain and China, and their activities include hosting events, sharing news updates and creating useful publications.

The Young China Watchers

The Young China Watchers connect China-focused young professionals through regular roundtables and talks with China experts across chapters all over the world.