English teacher development

We work in partnership with the Ministry of Education, national associations, and educational institutions to support teacher development. We work in areas such as assessment, curriculum design and delivery, teaching competence, teaching methodology, mentoring and teaching materials.

We deliver an extensive range of products and programmes. These are available through face-to-face training sessions, online or through a combination of both. 

Teacher Trainer Development Project

As global leaders in English teaching and teacher training, we provide a one-stop solution for teachers and trainers through our Teacher Trainer Development Project. Tailored to local needs, the project uses targeted training resources from the UK and works with Chinese partners to build up a pool of qualified teacher trainers. Teachers learn how to master English language teaching based on the new curriculum and how to train other teachers.

Communicative Assessment Project

We have designed the Communicative Assessment project to develop teachers' testing skills. The project aims to share good practice and international experience in the field of assessment and explores test design, through blended face-to-face training and online learning. We help researchers and teachers develop a deeper understanding of communicative assessment, as well as improving testing skills.