Symposium Themes Date Time

Sym 1
As part of China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo (CACIE)

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Quality assurance Tue 27 Oct 2020 16.00-19.00 Beijing Time / 08.00-11.00 UK time 


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EME research  Thu 19 Nov 2020 16.00-18.00 Beijing Time/08.00-10.00 UK time 


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EME supporting environments and systems Wed 16 Dec 2020   16.00-17.30 Beijing Time/ 08.00-09.30 UK time


In 2019, in Beijing, more than 200 HEI policy makers, administrators, teachers, researchers and teacher development bodies from different parts of the world participated in the first international symposium on English-medium Instruction (EMI) for higher education organised by the British Council in partnership with China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). 

The first Symposium convened insights and discussions on the following important aspects related to EMI programmes in the higher education sector:  

  • current trends in EMI policy and provision
  • continuing professional development for practitioners
  • developing quality assurance standards
  • creating support systems for lecturers and students
  • research findings into EMI provision in the China context

A post-conference publication, 2019 International Symposium on EMI for Higher Education in the New Era: Selected Proceedings, summarised the symposium highlights in the areas of: 

  • challenges and solutions confronted by the EMI programmes
  • China-focused research on EMI policies and implementations to inform further policy making
  • case studies and good practice from different contexts related to quality assurance, teacher CPD, and the supporting environment of EMI.  

One of the notable recommendations made by experts participating in the 2019 Symposium was to evolve the terminology from EMI into EME (English-Medium Education). The title EME covers a wider scope within English-medium programmes, ensuring that more aspects of teaching, learning and a higher level of quality standards and assessment of results are considered in the design and implementation of English-medium programmes. 

2020 EME International Symposium Series - Purpose 

To further the common understanding reached around key challenges and practices in the design and delivery of EMI programmes in the 2019 Symposium, in 2020 the British Council China in partnership with CEAIE is convening a series of international symposia around the topic of English Medium Higher Education (EMHE), scheduled from October through December 2020. These events will look at more specific areas of English Medium Education within Higher Education, such as high-level quality standards, research and developing a supporting environment that nurtures high quality education. 

By end of the Symposia series, we hope participants (and the wider audience of professionals) would have:  

  • become more aware of global policies and practices in quality standards for EME programmes
  • be informed of key research conducted globally to support evidence-based policy making, and encouraging collaboration in research
  • be updated with supporting resources, modes and good practices around EME teaching and learning via case studies