• British Council China 
  • China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) 

Mode of conference: Online conference on Zoom Webinar (free registration)

Language of the symposium: English and Chinese, with simultaneous translation provided 

Target audience:

  • EME policy makers
  • Quality assurance bodies
  • HEIs stakeholders: administration and teachers
  • Researchers 


Symposium 1: Quality Assurance 
Time and Date:  16.00-19.00 Beijing Time/ 08.00-11.00 UK time Tuesday 27 October 2020

EME is regarded as an important area within the internationalization of higher education, and it is key to developing students' global vision and cultivating high-quality, inter-disciplinary and international talents. In recent years, the practice of EME in Chinese universities has made good progress in areas such as teaching innovation and reform, teacher training, and international exchange; but there are also new emerging challenges to meet. To address some of these challenges,  it is necessary to develop high quality systems of assurance and standards that ensure a quality of EME provision which can effectively promote the positive future development of EMHE and enhance the provision of EMHE overall.

The purpose of this symposium is to increase awareness of international quality assessment standards in EMHE and share practice and successful case studies of implementation of quality standards in different contexts; providing valuable reference for universities and administrations in building future high-level international EME courses and cultivating professional teachers in the field.

Chairperson: Mr. Danny Whitehead, Deputy Country Director, British Council China 

Session Time
(Beijing Time)

Speakers and topics

Opening 16.00-16.20
  • Ms. An Yan, Director of Division for Student Mobility, Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (5mins)
  • EMI video – a global overview (5mins)
  • Ms. Alison Barrett, Director of Education & Society, British Council East Asia (5mins)  
Keynote speech 16.20-16.40

English Medium Education Research: What Do We Know So Far and What Do We Still Need to Do?  (20mins) 
Dr. Ernesto Macaro, Emeritus Professor, Department of Education, University of Oxford 

Quality Assurance Frameworks – Current Practices and Future Directions 16.40-16.50 Quality Assurance in English Medium Higher Education (10mins)
Dr. Samantha M. Curle, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of Education, The University of Bath
16.50-17.05 The Development of Quality Assurance Systems for English Medium Courses in Chinese Universities (15mins) 
Mr Weiren Yang, Vice Counsel, Education & Public Health Committee, Shanghai 
17.05-17.20 The Practice of Quality Assurance Standards for English Medium Courses in Chinese Universities – Interpretation on Standards of the Selection of ‘Branded English Medium Courses for International Students’ (15mins)
Dr Wenshu Zhao, Professor and Dean, Institute for International Students Education, Nanjing University
17.20-17.30 Transnational Alignment of English Competences for University Lecturers (10mins)
Dr. Slobodanka Dimova, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen 
17.30-17.40 UK NARIC EMI Quality Review (10mins)
Dr. Fabrizio Trifiro’, Head of Quality Benchmark Services, NARIC, UK
17.40-18.20 Panel Discussion (35mins)
Moderator: Mr. Danny Whitehead, Deputy Country Director, British Council China 
- What might be addressed in the quality standards?  
- How to roll out the quality standards 
- How to monitor and assess the quality standards
- What contextual factors should be considered?
- What common mistakes should be avoided when implementing quality standards?
- What previous successes have there been in this area?
- What are other standards to be considered to support teachers to be able to deliver EME programmes (provoking opinions from teachers and researchers)?
Panellists: presenters 
UK EME Programme Teacher and Student Support Services 18.20-18.35 The UK ELT Sector’s Experience of Supporting English Medium Education (15mins)
Mr. Mark Henebury, ELT Sector Specialist, Department for International Trade, UK 
Closing 18.35-18.50 Symposium Round-up (15mins)
Mr. John Knagg, Independent Consultant for the British Council 
18.50-19.00 Closing Remarks (10mins)
Ms Shen Xuesong, Deputy Secretary General of CEAIE

Presentation slides

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Report of Symposium 1

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Recording videos

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