What themes are explored through EMHE research and where are the gaps? How does research into EMHE allow us to better address the challenges and opportunities in planning and implementing EM programmes? How can we encourage the use of evidence and research findings to inform the design of language policies, curriculum, assessment and support systems in order to improve the quality of English in HE and effectiveness of EM programmes? The symposium convenes speakers from China and the UK and EMHE stakeholders to share knowledge and insight and discuss these key issues.


  • British Council China 
  • China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) 

Supported by 

  • China EAP Association
  • The Chinese Associate for ESP 

Mode of conference: Online conference on Zoom Webinar (free registration)

Language of the symposium: English and Chinese, with simultaneous translation provided 

Target audience:

  • EME programme planners and administrators
  • Content lecturers using EM 
  • EAP and ESP teachers 
  • Researchers and research bodies 
  • Teacher development bodies  


Symposium 2: EME Research in Higher Education 
Time and Date:16.00-18.00 (Beijing time) 08.00-10.00 (UK time), Thursday 19 November 2020

Chairperson: Roy Cross, Principal Consultant, Partnerships, English for Education Systems (EES), British Council

 Sessions Time  Speakers and topics
EME Research in Global and China Context    16.00-16.20

‘English in Higher Education: English Medium’, a Literature Review 
Ann Veitch, Senior Consultant, English Medium and Multilingual Education, English for Education Systems, Education and Society, British Council 

16.20-16.30 Complexity of Language Choice and Practice in EME: Revisiting the ‘E’ from ELF and the ‘Trans’ from Translanguaging 
Dr. Fang Fan, Associate Professor, Shantou University, China
16.30-16.40 Constructing MBBS Curriculum Systems to Improve the Quality of Training for International Medical Students in China 
Dr. Zhang Xiumei, Professor, Shandong University, China; President, International Medical Education Committee, China Education Association for International Exchange
16.40-16.55 EME Programmes: EAP/ESP Teacher Development 
Professor Cai Jigang, Fudan University, China 
16.55-17.10 Strengthening EMI research / From research to policy and practice
Dr. Nicola Galloway, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director MSc/MEd TESOL, The University of Glasgow, UK 

Panel discussion (35mins)
Moderator: Roy Cross, Principal Consultant, Partnerships, English for Education Systems (EES), British Council

- What areas of EME are under-researched and are therefore prime areas for new research? What questions need to be answered?
- Why and where are these areas particularly important?
- What are the weaknesses of the research so far and what can future research learn from this?
- What lessons have been learned from previous research? What research needs to happen in the local context?

 Closing 17.50-18.00 Symposium round-up 
Mr. John Knagg, Independent Consultant for the British Council

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