Building stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and TVET systems

Going Global Partnerships builds stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems. This British Council programme supports partnerships between universities, colleges, education policy makers, civil society organisations and industry partners in the UK and around the world. 

Through Going Global Partnerships, you can: 

  • Build relationships and share good practice with international partners on topics such as transnational education, employer engagement and more
  • Develop scientific collaboration and gain pilot or early stage funding for research partnerships focused on climate change, public health and other subjects
  • Access grant funding for collaborative partnerships that support quality, inclusion and innovation in higher education and TVET delivery.

At a system-level, the programme brings together policymakers and practitioners to support international co-operation in higher education and TVET – for example by developing mutual recognition of qualifications and quality assurance agreements. 

Programme goals

By building stronger international connections, Going Global Partnerships strengthens higher education and TVET systems, enables research collaboration, internationalises institutions, enhances student outcomes and supports inclusion. 

The overall expected outcomes of the programme focus on:

  • Enabling research: supporting research, knowledge, and innovation collaboration to address local and global challenges and promote inclusive growth
  • Internationalising higher education and TVET institutions: creating an enabling environment and supporting institutions and individuals to benefit from internationalisation
  • Strengthening higher education and TVET systems: improving the quality and efficiency of institutions and systems
  • Enhancing student outcomes: improving the qualities of global graduates (e.g., soft skills, employability, community outcomes). 

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