A theatrical experience combining Hip Hop theatre and film from dance experimentalist Botis Seva, CAN’T KILL US ALL reveals the detoriation of one man’s emotional sanity and physical stability as he confronts life in lockdown. From reflecting on childhood memories, to reliving Black trauma, CAN’T KILL US ALL pushes through the darkness to find light, humility and peace.  

Produced by Far From The Norm, CAN’T KILL US ALL is a collaboration from 3 original voices working in Hip Hop theatre; dance artist Botis Seva, film maker Ben Williams and composer Torben Lars Sylvest.  

Botis Seva  

Botis Seva is a dance artist, choreographer and director working within the realms of contemporary dance, physical theatre and hip-hop. Botis Seva is entrenched in hip hop dance theatre but experiments with form, structure and theatrics to reinvent choreography. Borrowing techniques from film, text, art and other dance languages, Botis’ focus is on making a difference and using his autobiographical experiences to drive narratives. 

Far From The Norm 

Far From The Norm is the cornerstone to the Hip Hop community in the UK and is a critically and publicly renown dance theatre company, led by Artistic Director Botis Seva.  

Original, vital and fearless, Far From The Norm have carved a reputation as a highly skilled and experimental hip hop collective. Their burning scrutiny of public pre- occupations, politics and the contemporary world fuels their work and demands a response.  

Far From The Norm’s portfolio transcends live theatre performances, outdoor shows, immersive experiences and film, we tour nationally and internationally and we are continuing to develop strong partnerships around the world to nurture a new generation of Hip Hop dance theatre. Beyond the stage, Far From The Norm have a commitment to outreach, participation and artist development and we are embedding the development of artists at our core.