The Sun Inside
The Sun Inside ©

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein 

Capturing the importance of sunlight during the lockdown period, 152 contributors from around the world share ‘The Sun Inside’ their homes in Protein’s new dance film.  

‘While adapting to a new life, we have been searching for and following the sun inside our homes; through windows and doors, in our gardens, front door steps and balconies, rays of sunlight have been framing spots of comfort and reflection, creating shadows and other intricate designs.’ Luca Silvestrini 

The Sun Inside is part of the Protein 21 Reimagine programme, re-imagining the original film made by Protein and Roswitha Chesher in 2008 during a residency at Evelina Children’s Hospital, London.  

The Sun Inside is available to be screened at festivals around the world.