On BBC iPlayer from 12pm 16 July 2020 

Treasure is a drama starring Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey, James Bond films) about a treasure hunt that goes very wrong when a family secret is revealed. The film was shot on smart phones by the actors themselves for BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine; bringing arts and culture to the homes of the nation under lockdown.   

The drama was recorded on location at Samantha’s home with her family taking part: husband Alex Hanson (Killing Eve), son Tom Hanson (Brassic) and daughter Molly Hanson (Father Brown).  

A family, pushed to breaking point in lockdown, devise a treasure hunt at their home which goes very wrong when a secret is revealed. The father plants clues around the home and sits back to watch his family compete to find the ‘treasure’. It’s meant to be a bit of fun to pass the time, but the cryptic clues are hard to decipher. There’s griping, cheating and tempers fray. And then a discovery by accident during the hunt leads to a shocking revelation. Is dad hiding a dark secret? A showdown unearths the truth which is far from expected but also a tender surprise.