Frontier by the Scottish Ballet
Frontier by the Scottish Ballet ©

Photo by Michaela Bodlovic


Frontiers explores outdated gender norms inherent in the classical ballet industry. Directed by Scottish Ballet’s in-house filmmaker Eve McConnachie and choreographed by San Francisco Ballet dancer Myles Thatcher - an exciting new talent working in the queer space.  

Frontiers by the Scottish Ballet ©

Photo by Michaela Bodlovic 

Scottish Ballet
Scottish Ballet ©

Photo by Andy Ross

About the Scottish Ballet

As Scotland’s national dance company, our mission is to inspire on stage and beyond. 

In 2019 the company celebrated 50 years of a creative vision crafted by Scotland. Based in Glasgow, the company performs regularly all over Scotland – from our biggest cities to our most remote communities, and increasingly throughout the UK and internationally – promoting Scotland’s pioneering spirit far and wide. 

Our artistic vision: bold, adventurous performances rooted in strong classical technique. It’s how we started and it’s how we’ll grow. Our desire to explore new styles and push creativity is as alive as ever – we’ll continue to work with ground-breaking choreographers such as Ivgi & Greben, Bryan Arias, David Dawson and Crystal Pite. 

Our creative vision goes beyond choreography. From digital platforms to novel ideas that engage our audiences, we’re always seeking ways to bring the power of dance to as many people as possible. Presenting classics in new ways, we work with the finest dance makers. Throughout it all, we strive for excellence. 

Scottish Ballet nurtures the talent of tomorrow; supporting dancers, choreographers and a wide range of artists. Our goal: to inspire excellence and creativity in everyone and bring dance to people we haven’t reached before.