And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore 'd' Monologues
And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore 'd' Monologues

A new production by award-wining UK playwright Kaite O’Reilly.

Selected for the Unlimited International Commissions for 2017/18, And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore ‘d’ Monologues by Kaite O'Reilly is an international theatrical dialogue of difference, disability, and what it is to be human, from opposite sides of the world. 

 Inspired by previously unrecorded Deaf and disabled experience, the show comprises of fictionalised monologues across multiple languages in spoken, visual and projected forms, incorporating aesthetics of access. This production will set an important precedent: the first multilingual, intercultural, Deaf culture and disability arts theatre project created between the UK and Singapore - led, created, written, directed and performed by Deaf and disabled artists.

Award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly and internationally respected director/actor-trainer Phillip Zarrilli will lead the team. The cast includes Lead Collaborator/ Associate Director Peter Sau (SG), veteran disability arts practitioner Sara Beer (UK), Deaf UK-based Singaporean Visual Director Ramesh Meyyappan, Creative access and applied theatre practitioner Grace Khoo (SG) and introduces local emerging artists Danial Bawthan, Stephanie Esther Fam, Agnes Lim and Lim Lee Lee.

The Singapore performance premiered at the National Museum of Singapore Gallery Theatre from 25 -27 May 2018. The UK performance toured from 5-12 September 2018 with showings in London, Oxford, Leicester and Cardiff.

And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore ‘d’ Monologues is commissioned and supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council of Wales and British Council. The production is also supported by the Singapore International Foundation under the Arts for Good initiative, with the National Museum of Singapore as a venue supporter and was developed in residence at Centre 42's Basement Workshop. 

Huge thanks to Wales Arts International to support the organisation to take part in this festival.