A China House Arts Film - The Butterfly Lovers
The Butterfly Lovers ©

China House Arts

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song” (Chinese proverb). 

This film offers exclusive behind the scenes footage of the making of a new dance version of the classic Chinese folk tale The Butterfly Lovers or more endearingly known to the Chinese people as Liang Zhu.

An internationally acclaimed creative team from China, Europe and the U.K have come together to sing their “song” as they seek to re-imagine this ancient story with contemporary energy whilst honouring its cultural memory.

Originally scheduled for a September 2020 stage premiere, due to the global pandemic the project has now been delayed until summer 2021. The film highlights key moments of the early creative process: exploratory discussions, designs, music and dance sketches, to give the audience a sense of the journey so far.

Liang Zhu is produced by the newly - formed London - based company China House Arts. Its vision is to promote creative friendships between China and the U.K. through the power of international collaboration. China House Arts has the vision “beautiful things can happen when different worlds meet.”