Unspoken by Spoken by Candoco
Unspoken by Spoken by Candoco ©

Photo by Camilla Greenwell 2018

Candoco Dance Company, directed and choreographed by Fin Walker 

“The cookie-cutter shapes burst their banks. The floor turned into a river, the river into a dragon, the dragon spilt out of the classroom and lit up the sky.” 

We exist within a world of rules. Rules we impose upon ourselves, rules others impose upon us. Sometimes they are unconscious, sometimes hidden, often unspoken.  

Angry, frustrated, confused, awake.  

Why does it take so long to realise all these rules are here? Can we accept them? Should we? And what do we do now?  

Fin Walker’s Unspoken Spoken for Candoco Dance Company exposes the potential that exists when we dare to challenge the rules. We encounter five characters, each with his or her own rules to question, to surrender to, to fight against. 

A captivating story told through BSL, voice and movement, Unspoken Spoken is performed by a cast of disabled and non-disabled dancers. Some younger, some older, they ask us to look deeper, to explore our own boundaries. 

What changes if we face up to what is holding us back?  

Other information

Premiere: 16 July 2018 
Direction and Choreography: Fin Walker 
Music and Sound: Ben Park & Park Music 
Producer: Janie Valentine 
Executive Producer for The Space: Helen Spencer
Film Director: Ross MacGibbon 
Dancers: Julie Cleves, Dan Daw, Jessica Dowdeswell, Thomasin Gülgeç, Jemima Hoadley, Roberta Pitre 

Commissioned by The Space with support from Arts Council England and BBC