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Science Museum

The UK's Science Museum Group is devoted to the history and contemporary practice of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Welcoming over 5 million visitors each year, the Group consists of: Science Museum (London), National Railway Museum (York), the Science & Industry Museum (Manchester), National Science & Media Museum (Bradford), and Locomotion (Shildon) - the world’s greatest alliance of science museums.

The Science Museum Group cares for an astonishingly diverse and internationally significant collection of 7.3 million items from science, technology, engineering, medicine, transport and media. Together these objects tell the story of our world—from the rise of the Indus Valley civilisation over 3,000 years ago to the microchips powering our connected planet today.

Driverless: Who is in control?

Discover more about the AI-driven tech that is helping shape the habits, behaviour and society of today and tomorrow. Everything from deep-sea exploration to getting a cheeky take-away is being reimagined with some form of automation. Technology developers are racing to create fully autonomous machines with the ability to make decisions on their own. How many of these smart machines already exist? And how much control are we willing to transfer to them?

With thanks to The Small Robot Company, Starship Technologies

Driverless: Who is in control? is a cutting-edge exhibition at the Science Museum exploring the world of automation through interactive exhibits, thought-provoking objects and even a retro robot car. Open until 5 January 2021


Curator David Rooney guides you through the Science Museum's Mathematics gallery designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and examines the fundamental role mathematicians, their tools and ideas have played in building the world we live in; revealing how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives.


The world’s largest medical galleries feature more than 3,000 medical artefacts, striking artworks, interactive games and immersive experiences that bring the history of medicine to life. Covering an area equivalent to 1,500 hospital beds, Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries is the magnificent new home for the most significant medical collections in the world. Join Natasha McEnroe, the Science Museum’s Keeper of Medicine, as she takes you around the gallery and shows you the things that are absolutely not to be missed.