Michael Wood, 英国历史学家、纪录片制片人、主持人、作家
Michael Wood

Professor Michael Wood, UK historian, documentary producer and writer, shares his insights of making the BBC Documentary Du Fu: China's Greatest Poet as well as on poet Du Fu and ancient Chinese poetry. 

Michael Wood is the professor in public history at the University of Manchester. He is the producer of the BBC documentary Du Fu: China’s Greatest Poet. With multiple roles of historian, film producer, broadcaster and writer, Professor Wood made a special trip to China to retrospect Du Fu's journeys across the country. Chengdu city, the most comfortable and leisure residence for Du Fu in his life, also has significant meaning for the poet in his legendary career. 

Michael Wood is a British historian and broadcaster, graduated from Oriel College, University of Oxford. He has presented numerous well-known television documentary series from the late 1970s to the present day. Wood has also written a number of books on English history, including In Search of the Dark Ages, The Domesday Quest, The Story of England, The Story of China and In Search of Shakespeare. He was appointed Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester in 2013.